Jessica Williams Film ‘The Incredible Jessica James’ To Close Sundance 2017

I remember the first time I layed eyes on this beautiful 6ft tall sister with locks. I thought to myself I need to see more of this, the world does to! Where had she been hiding. Ok, I had a slight girl crush, only because as a tall woman, it’s nice to see another woman like yourself that doesn’t play basketball. No Shade to the my hooping it up warrior goddesses, but when there are very few black women representing on a film set you tend to spot light other melanin magic black women.

Let me give a bit more back story to how I came to meet, work and eat ice cream with one of the TWO DOPE QUEENS.  If you haven’t tuned an ear to this eargasmic podcast, no worries you have a little time to come from under that rock and get yo life! That’s right Jessica Williams, former Daily Show Correspondent, Comedian and now budding beauty, Jessica met director Jim Strouse years ago and Jessica had a role in Jim’s film People, Place and Things. It’s true what they say, it’s about who you know because a good friend of mine knew I was looking for work and passed my name along to the production company producing Jim’s next Sundance hopeful, The Incredible Jessica James. 

I work as a freelance Unit Production Manager / Producer and after a couple informal meetings I landed the job! My job to keep it simple is Logistics. I handled hiring, ordering, overseeing all aspects of the production and that includes keeping our number one actor’s happy.

I am proud to make this my first blog post as this film has made it to Sundance! You will enjoy it just as much as I did working on it. Two up for the kick ass producers, crew and cast!

Jessica was super cool and no fuss. Read the article. – Kristal Mosley